Exhibitions: Museumnight010 at Het Nieuwe Instituut 2019

Low-level literacy takes place in every layer of society and many people hide their problem because they don't feel understood. By creating a simulation we made it more understandable and accessible for people from the outside. 

  The sentence on the box are expressions and actions from people who struggle with low-level literacy in every day life. This text is projected and in constantly motion and each side is different. This makes it impossible to read. The viewer experiences what it is like to not understand words and sentences in their environment: An experience that people who have low-level literacy have to deal with everyday. 

The movement of the projected light is achieved by coding an Arduino. We created an arm with 2 light sources attached to it. This arm turns the other way around at the moment you try to start reading the projection. The box itself is made form wood and by making use of lasercut techniques we created the text

Creating Concept
 Saskia Verleg, Sam Oazzouz

Saskia Verleg 

Arduino code
Saskia Verleg, Sam Oazzouz 

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