Sunshine is getting stronger. Its warmth comes with a higher risk of skin burns and increasing numbers of skin diseases. We protect ourselves with sunscreen but these mostly contain micro plastics. These tiny bits end up in the water and cause water pollutions. 

To support our climate and to combat the dangers of UV radiation, we have developed a product that protects not only people, but also nature.  We took our inspiration from the green and red around us. The Haematococcus Pluvialis is our main ingredient. An algae that uses a red fluid to protect itself from sun radiation. A natural SPF you could say.

The purifiers are specially made for the watersporters and designed to the skin’s cycle. You put them on high burning risk areas in the face and then you are able to wear them for 28 days straight. Once the purifier turned completely red they are ready to be replaced by a new set. After the purifier outlived its purpose of protecting, it is ready to nurture sea life. You can throw the purifier in the sea. Fish and aquatic mammals enjoy a great meal of algae!

To make sure you wear the purifier on the right spots, you can download the Extince app and do a face scan.  With this app you can get a personalized purifier.
This is a speculative design, based on analyses and research.

Creating concept
 , Saskia Verleg, Lois Simon, Lucca Kroot, Nikki Giesen

Product design: 
Lucca Kroot

Saskia Verleg 

Nikki Giesen

Digital service design: 
Lois Simon 

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